There are a lot of owners having a property in Pattaya but living abroad.

We can rent the property out for those owners or we can just check the place on a regular base.

In the case the owner wants to rent his property out he can make an agreement with us to take care of everything.

We will show interested people the property.

If necessary we can open the door for example pest control

We keep the place clean if not rented out.

If a renter has a complain about something broken we will go there to fix it.

If a owner wants to have his property painted or renovated we can attend the constructor and keep the owner updated with pictures.

We will inform the owner by email on a regular base.

Even if a renter is found bij another agency a property management agreement is possible.

We make sure an owner does not have to worry about his property while being away.




If you want to rent out your condominium then Your Greater View is a good place to find your renters.

You can submit your property online or you can contact us and we will visit you and collect the information needed.

We will also make photos from the property if you can’t supply photos.

There is no charge for having your condo on our listing.

If we find a renter for you we charge 1 month rent on a yearly base.

However the minimum of our commision is 4.000 baht.

If a renter wants to rent your property we will make the rental contract for you.

We will need prove that your are the owner or entitled to rent the property out before we can make the rental contract.

We also will register your renter to the immigration as this is required by law.






When the rental period ends there will be a checkout inspection.

This can be done by the owner, by us or we can be both present.

There is a lot to inspect with the checkout.  Are all plates, dishes, cups, etc still there.

Are all towels and bedsheets complete and not damaged.

Are there no stains on sofa, carpet, towels and bed sheets that won’t go away.

After the checkout when everything is ok the renter will give the keys back and he will get his deposit back.

The inspection is also the moment that there can be checked if any maintenance is needed.

No leaking water taps or drains, or does the ceiling need a new paint, all lamps still burning, etc.

You want a new person who is looking to rent a property to be enthusiastic  if he sees your property.

Cleanness and good maintenance is the base for keeping renters.